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CPB-2620H-E ( 20 Bands) Europe CPB–2620H-A ( 20 Bands) America
758-830MHz: 10W 5G, 4G LTE Low 850-895MHz: 10W  CDMA 850
920-965MHz: 10W  GSM900 1800-2000MHz: 10W DCS, PCS
1800-1920MHz: 10W DCS 2100-2170MHz: 10W 3G, UMTS
2100-2170MHz: 10W  3G, UMTS 2300-2500MHz: 8W 4G LTE + WiFi 11.b & g
2400-2500MHz: 8W  WiFi 11.b & g 2500-2700MHz:8W4G WiMAX Sprint
2570-2690MHz:8W 4G LTE High 700-800MHz: 10W

4G LTE USA iPhone (AT&T & Verizon)

1450-1500MHz 10W 5G 5G 617-652MHz 10W 5G
5G 3400-3800MHz 4W 5G 1370-1390MHz: 10W GPS L3+ L4
164-173MHz: 5W Lojack Car Tracking 173MHz: 5W Lojack Car Tracking
1570-1620Mhz: 10W  GPS: L1 + Glonass L1 1570-1620Mhz: 10W GPS: L1 + Glonass L1
1220-1280MHz: 10W  GPS L2 +L5+ Glonass L2 1220-1280MHz: 10W  GPS L2 +L5+ Glonass L2
5.1-5.9GHz:4.0W WiFi 11.a 5.1-5.9GHz:4.0W WiFi 11.a
130-200MHz: 5W  VHF 130-200MHz: 5W  VHF
200-300MHz: 5W 200-300MHz: 5W
300-400MHz: 5W 315MHz Car Remote 300-400MHz: 5W 315MHz Car Remote
400-500MHz: 5W UHF, 433MHz 400-500MHz: 5W UHF, 433MHz
315MHz: 5W Car Remote 315MHz: 5W Car Remote
433MHz: 5W Car Remote 433MHz: 5W Car Remote
868MHz: 10W Car Remote 868MHz: 10W Car Remote
1370-1390MHz: 10W GPS L3+ L4 1700-1800MHz: 10W
Total: 155 W Total: 155 W
Option: Remote/Alarm Control 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz,

All Frequency can mix very Flexible, Each module/Band is independent

Adjustable Output Power/LED each Band/Channel, Max Output Power to 0 (OFF)
Power supply: AC100-240V or DC 24V
Jamming Range Radius 20~60 meters (-75dBm@Omnidirectional antennas)
Weight 6.2Kg
Dimension: 440 x 250 x 90mm
Working time: Without the time limit, May continue to work,
Antenna 380 mm Long
Warranty: 1 year


External Battery B-20AH/DC24V

Work 1 Hour+ for CPB-2616H

Techwise CPB-2620H 20 Bands 5G Mobile Phone WiF GPS UHF VHF Jammer


CPB-2620H Series

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