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Portable Pelican RCIED, DDS Jammer is a wide-band portable jamming system, designed for Bomb disposal squads, VIP protection, Special Police (S.W.A.T.), military security force, bomb squads, anti-terror units, anti-drug units, border control units, checkpoint personnel, these types of law enforcement personnel who benefit greatly from deployment of any of these best-in-class portable RF jamming solutions.

They can conduct the law enforcement process more effectively to reduce the chance that the criminals leak the information.

DDS-6010 ( 10 Bands)
20-100MHz: 100W

27MHz, 35Mhz, 41MHz, 72MHz toys and HM Remote control

100-300MHz 100W  VHF

Low-power transmitters

300-500MHz: 100W

Walky-Talky, 315/433MHz Car Remote Control

500-800MHz: 100W


8001000MHz: 100W

GSM 900

1000-1400MHz 100W

GPS L2, L3 L4 L5

14001800MHz: 100W


1800-2000MHz: 100W

4G LTE & WiMax

2000-2300MHz 100W


2300-2700MHz: 100W

4G LTE, WiFi 11.g.b

10000 W
Power supply: AC adapter  (AC220V-DC27V or 24V/  45 Amp)  or External Battery
Jamming  Range: 500-1000 meters@-75dBm
Stand-alone modular design and individual power control.
RJ485 Protocol : Can control all 10 modules by one RJ485 connector (Not like RS-232 needs to connect each module one by one). One Computer interface control all 8 bands

Each module has one LED show Frequency, ON/OFF Status, Output power

One Main LED to show all 8 bands/modules status: Frequency, Four Windows setting, Output power, VSWR, Working Voltage, Working current Amp, Temperature

(Do not need Computer to check one module by one module status)

Adjustable the Frequency and Output Power each Band/Channel by Computer
VSWR over protection for each modular.
Working status indicator for each band modular.
Dimension:626 mm(L)×49.2mm(W)× 350mm(H), Pelican 1620
Weight:53 Kg (approximately) just main unit not included antenna & all accessories
Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃
Humidity: 5% ~ 90%
External Battery B-50AH  27V/50AH LiFePo4 Battery
  Pelican Case 1440, 30kg Weight
  Work 1 Hour Around
Warranty: 1 year



Techwise DDS-6010 10 Bands 20-3000MHz Pelican Jammer

Portable RCIED Mobile Phone Pelican Jammer

Direct Digital Synthesize Technology DDS  

20-3000MHz 10 Bands, RJ485 Protocol